The Princess of Trelian

What happens in this book, is Meg hears her dragon more and more, and she and her dragon start to have bad dreams. Calen is at the place where all the mages go, so he can’t help Meg because he is very far away. Meg learns that there have been reports of a dragon around in a neighboring country, and everyone in that country thinks it is her dragon, so she has to go there to try to convince them it is not, but no one believes her. She is in danger there, but she comes back to find that a really bad mage who had been trapped in a portal had escaped. That really bad mage, named Mage Krelig, was going to destroy all of Calen’s friends, but Calen said he would come with Mage Krelig to save his friends.

“He would die for her — she knew that. But would he die for Trelian? Did she even have the right to ask?”

The Princess of Trelian by Michelle Knudsen comes after the book, The Dragon of Trelian, just a few weeks or months later. You probably need to have read the first book to really know what is happening with this book. A lot of things happened in this book, so it was interesting to read, and you get to know the characters better. The ending made me not want to read the rest of the series, because Mage Krelig is so bad and now he is playing a big role in the story. He wasn’t in the first book very much, but now he is going to be in just about every paragraph, and he is not really that scary but you just really don’t like him. But I do want to find out what happens to Calen and how Mage Krelig is defeated, so I will read the rest of the series, because I want to know how it turns out.