The Passenger

Imagine the life in disguise you have built for yourself has begun to fall apart, thanks to the untimely death of your spouse. He fell down the stairs and sure, it wasn’t your fault, but would the police believe you once they realize you aren’t who you say you are? That is the catalyst that sets Tanya Dubois on the run under the new name, “Amelia Keen.” But each identity she takes on brings with it new problems and slowly takes her back to who she used to be.

“In the next few days, you might hear some things about me. I just want you to know that they’re not true. Later, it’s possible you’ll hear more things about me. Most of them won’t be true either.”

The Passenger is captivating from the beginning. While Tanya changes into her new identity, you are given insight into Tanya’s true, original self with snippets of emails she exchanges with a friend from the past. The past remains a mystery until the very end and while things go from bad to worse, you just root her onward. Each new name she takes on, you secretly hope this will be the identity that sets her path straight and back to “normal.” Yet, there’s a curiosity about why she was set off into hiding in the first place. The balancing curiosity and intensity behind Tanya’s strive to remain on the run makes this a thrilling mystery destined to keep you on the edge of your seat until the end.

If you are looking for a way to hide into a new mystery, you will want to go into hiding with Tanya. This book will remind you the further you try to run from the past, the closer you will get.