The Mind of God

Elizabeth Greene has been estranged from her father for over six months when the professor mysteriously goes missing after a break-in at his campus lab. Elizabeth is left with a clue to find a microchip that is the missing piece to technology Professor Greene has been secretly working on for years. In the course of her trying to unravel the clue, Liz and her friend Tim are faced with an assassin, a CIA agent who believes them suspects to murder, and a race against time to find the microchip and keep it safe.

The Mind of God by author Bevan Frank is a complex mystery with murder, kidnapping, and suspense, all revolving around a mysterious piece of technology and a corresponding microchip that have the potential to change humanity forever. The problem with humanity is that we will always have those who desire power, money, and authority over doing good for all. As with many new breakthroughs in technology, in the wrong hands, it can have a disastrous effect. This is the struggle Frank brings to his readers.

“What happened here can only be described as a truly global effect of consciousness, almost like a global mind’s inchoate thoughts. Some would even go far enough to call it the Mind of God”

Intermixed in this mystery are various characters who all play a role in an assassination plot against the US President during a diplomatic visit to South Africa. Frank does an amazing job of taking these individual story lines and weaving them together in the end to reveal the complex terrorist plan and how Liz and Tim play a role. Readers will find The Mind of God engaging, easily pulled into the thick of the plot trying to expose the face behind the terrorist “Fox”, right up until the very end.

There were times it was a little difficult to follow each individual storyline and the role that character had previously played in the book, but in the end, I was definitely not disappointed by how well Frank tied everything together to solve the mystery.