The Guild Of Geniuses

There is a famous actor, and he has a pet monkey. They are best friends. On the actor’s birthday, he has to go to a movie to act, but his monkey is really sad before he goes. So he asks the best scientists to see why he is sad. The scientists try all sorts of things. They get him some other monkeys to play with, but that doesn’t work because the monkey doesn’t know their language. Then they try making him banana cake, and they try a whole bunch of other things. Finally the monkey is able to fix what is wrong on his own, so everyone is happy at the end.

“With all the commotion, there never seemed to be time for Mr. Pip to give Frederick his gift.”

The Guild of Geniuses by Dan Santat is a kind of funny book. The illustrations are nice – they have a lot of details that are funny and fun to look at. The scientists are funny too, with their crazy ideas to try to help the monkey feel better. A lot of people will like how the monkey figured out what he wanted at the end, and how to show it. But I didn’t really like this book very much. It was okay, but it is really for a really young audience, because they will like the pictures. The story is kind of silly, because the monkey thinks he is being ignored, but he isn’t really. This is a book you will read once or twice but probably not more than that.