The Dragon Engine

A group of friends together again. One last adventure together. A chance to save one of their own. This is the premise of The Dragon Engine. A brilliantly designed tale in a medieval setting, a group of friends will leave their retirement, fame and wealth behind to take on one last adventure together, this time not just for fame and fortune, but for a chance to prevent a very personal loss.

“The mountain gives… and the mountain takes away,”…

The Dragon Engine takes a well-known and easily understood premise, but twists it to become something entirely its own. As you follow the storyline from multiple character’s points of view, it becomes an absolutely engrossing adventure you’ll have no choice but to finish and enjoy. Will they succeed in saving their friend, or will they meet a tragic adventurer’s end? It seems they may already be in for a bit more than they bargained for as the dragon legend may not tell the full story of what they are seeking. I absolutely loved the feel of this story, the complexity brought in by multiple views, and character archetypes that while at first might seem familiar or even stereotypical, shockingly morph as the story progresses. I would recommend it highly to any fantasy lovers out there.