The Christmas Elf

One of the main beauties of Christmas is how all the beauty of family love and sharing is condensed into one day. Similarly, many of the best-loved works about Christmas are equally presented in condensed form, whether that is The Night Before Christmas, The Little Match Girl,or a pleasant ninety minutes spent watching your favourite holiday-themed movie.

“Just think of the season and what it all means,
Remember the Elf, and her kindly schemes.”

The Christmas Elf, a collaboration between the Northern Irish writer Kate Smelter and Canadian illustrator Connie Christianson is a simple verse story that will surely find its place next to the well-known classics. Targeted for ages 3-10, the title character spends the days around Christmas tending to the poor and needy, along with a whole menagerie of lovingly described and drawn animal companions. The Christmas Elf is sure to teach the beauty of giving in a loving, light-hearted way.