The Burning Page

 “You too,” Irene said. “After all, if nowhere’s safe” – she gestured at the walls, at the wider Library around them – “then this isn’t safe, either.”

Ever since Librarian spy, Irene went against orders to rescue her assistant, Kai, and interfered with the dragons and Fae, she’s been on probation with the Library. She and Kai have been sent on fetch and retrieve missions, which take a turn for the worse when their way back goes up in flames. After another attack on their lives, that corresponds with a plot to take down the Library, the only culprit can be former Librarian, Alberich. As Irene and Kai follow the trail, they realize their attacker may be closer than they think.

The characters are a breath of fresh air, complicated, and layered, with a spark of life. They’re diverse, each possessing charm, and quirks, playing off each other with effective and fun banter, realistic disagreements as they humorously bicker through problem solving. The perfectly odd attacks of hornets and spiders are dangerous and deadly, yet provide an air of whimsy. Genevieve Cogman’s prose has a charming ambiance as her evident love of words infuses you into this intellectual and book loving collection of worlds. The Burning Page has the fun of mystery, the magic of fantasy, and most of all has a great love for books.

The Burning Page is the third book in The Invisible Library series, with Cogman set to release a fourth novel next year. This is the perfect book for anyone who adores jaunty fantasy adventures with dragons, Fae, and alternate worlds.