The Ancient Curse

Fabrizio Castellani arrives at the Museum of Volterra with the intent to study a statue of a boy. His fascination is disrupted by a series of bizarre phone calls from a woman telling him to leave the boy in peace. When a tomb is discovered and the raiders are murdered, Fabrizio gets personally involved in the investigation. Carabiniere Lieutenant Reggiani hunts for the creature responsible as Fabrizio discovers a connection between an abandoned palace, a tomb, and a mysterious boy following him.

“Six curses in reality, one on each fragment. In all probability, the seventh is the final curse and the most dreadful of them all.”

A supernatural ghost story grounded in reality, The Ancient Curse shows the magic is in the discoveries of the past. The prose is strong and intelligent as Valerio Massimo Manfredi crafts an engaging and well-versed mystery with a clear passion for history. An underground menagerie of taxidermy animals, a curse, and a murderous creature lurking in the dark give a horror backdrop, with just the right amount of eeriness. The primary focus is history which seems to be a character in itself, as it influences the present, slowly repeating itself. The plot is smart and driven, with a cast of characters that are stubborn, witty, and intellectual. Those that love history will be enthralled with The Ancient Curse for it’s a fun blend of mystery, adventure, and archaeology.