Stop Following Me, Moon!

The bear is hungry – he is so cute! Then he sees some berries that the squirrel is eating, and then he takes them all! He takes all the honey, and the fisherman’s fish, and the campers’ snacks. Then he sees the moon and he thinks it is following him because he took everyone’s food! He tries to run away, but the moon keep following him. Finally the moon disappears, and then the bear is really sad and says he’ll be a nice bear, and wants the moon to come back. Then it does and the bear shares all the food with everyone.

I’m innocent, Moon, you’ve got the wrong bear!

Stop Following Me, Moon! by Darrin Farrell is funny and really silly, because the moon isn’t even following him, it is just shining on him! He is a silly bear. It is a very nice book because the moon and the bear become friends, and the bear learns that he can’t hide from the moon and he doesn’t even want to. It is also nice that he gives back all the food and decides to stop taking things from people. The bear is so cute with his big white eyepatch, and it is fun to see all the other animals too. There is even a bigfoot! This is a funny book that all the children will like.