Stitched: The First Day of the Rest of Her Life #1

In Stitched, a girl that appears to have been stitched together wakes up in a cemetery without knowing what, who, where, or why she is. Our main character, Crimson Volania Mulch, meets a variety of friends, including a werewolf, a swamp monster, and a witch, who teach her the about the cemetery and what goes on there. From ghosts being haunted by ghosts to self-conscious werewolves, Stitched has it all.

“This cemetery is just full of surprises…”

Stitched is a quaint comic more geared towards preteens, however all ages may enjoy this book as it allows for a mental unwind. Crim and her friends go on all sorts of zany adventures, where peril isn’t an option because most of the characters are already dead. Mariah Huehner(McCourt) provides us with a tale interesting enough to keep reading, and a subplot that will leave the reader fascinated and wanting more, while Aaron Alexovitch supplies the artwork that bring the story to life. The characters all have unique, non-stereotypical personalities that allow for intriguing interactions between themselves as well as whatever goes “bump” in the night, Whether it is in fact a preteen that picks up this book or somebody older, it’s not hard to enjoy Stitched.