Starting Your Career as an Artist: A Guide to Launching a Creative Life

Have you been harboring a secret (or not so secret) desire to make a living being an artist? Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller use broad strokes to describe ways one can jump start a career in the visual field in the guide, How to Start Your Career as an Artist. This book, penned by Wojak and Miller who are art professionals, helps readers ask themselves the right questions to get going on their career. This evaluation process was unique and allowed the reader to forget they were reading a plan of action for their work. Besides giving readers insights into the gallery world, studio basics, and marketing, the book features interviews with artists- showcasing all the different routes to success.

“Myth #1: Artists need to suffer to make good art”

Although I have already established my career in the nonprofit world- as I flipped through the chapters on social media, artist’s resumes, exhibition venues, community networking and collaborating with mentors, I was tempted to revert back to my second grade broccoli tree drawings. The only drawback for me was that it seemed to focus on the traditional fine art route (sculptors, painters) and less on those who create modern, sometimes exclusively online, art, or those hoping to avoid the gallery route.

Overall, this book is sure to encourage and inspire young artists who may not have access to a mentor, or wish to create their own identity and opportunities in the art world. The book was user friendly, and the real world applicability was apparent. I highly recommend to anyone who is thinking seriously about a career in the arts, or a teacher of those who are.