The Spy’s Secret (Key Hunters #2)

In ?The Spy’s Secret? by Eric Luper, Cleo and Evan are running away from their school librarian, because she is trying to steal their key that’s the first one they need to get into a secret library. They go into the book and find that they are spies. They find out that they have a secret mission, which is to find the top spy, Agent Dearth, who was captured by The Viper. They don’t know who The Viper is, but they know they need to rescue Agent Dearth. They are also hoping to find the next key they need to collect to let them into the secret library.

“The letters tumbled in the air around them and began to spell words. The words turned into sentences, the sentences paragraphs. Before long, they could barely see through the letter confetti. Then everything went black.”

In this fun book, you can jump from a secret library into a different place, and it feels like you are going along with them. It is very exciting, and Cleo and Evan have a lot of breathtaking adventures that keep you on your toes. This book is short and easy to read, fun and fascinating. It is a short chapter book that is full of excitement and children who love a thrilling adventure will love this book!