Solutions for Cold Feet and Other Little Problems

Solutions for Cold Feet and other little problems, by Canadian author and illustrator Carey Sookocheff, will charm young readers of age five and younger and help them think critically to solve other or bigger problems. Problems include a missing shoe, getting caught in the rain, a melting ice cream cone, a boring day, a flyaway hat, and cold feet. The solutions go from one word to no more than six words on a page. The young girl who is the main character is nameless, so children can pretend it’s them.

“Join a creative girl and her pesky dog as they explore solutions…”

Defining the word “solutions” can help youngsters think critically and imaginatively as they go beyond the text to think of new simple problems or new ways of doing things. For example, the solution for a missing shoe is to “wear a mismatched pair,” which the girl does while walking her dog, although she looks sad about her creative remedy. Is she worried about what others might think, or is she upset with the pesky dog? When she gets caught in the rain she makes the best of it by splashing in the puddles, but again the girl doesn’t look happy, and one wonders why not. Isn’t it fun to splash in puddles? The girl does look happy with her solution to a boring day.

This is the perfect “read-along” and prediction book for a preschool or kindergarten class.