Snoopy’s Happy Day: A Peanuts Puppet Book

Snoopy’s Happy Day: A Peanuts Puppet Book
Snoopy's Happy Day: A Peanuts Puppet Book
by Andra Abramson, Charles M. Schulz
Released May 5th 2015
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 16
ISBN: 9781604335453
Published by Applesauce Press
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Everyone’s favorite white beagle is ready for a brand new day! Read along as he visits friends, plays games, and even does his famous dance. For Snoopy, every day is a happy day!

“A piano is playing somewhere near. Come on, Snoopy, let’s go hear!”

Young readers will adore this cute puppet board book featuring characters from the beloved Peanuts cartoon. Snoopy’s Happy Day is short and simple, with each page featuring a part of the dog’s day told in rhyme. The pictures are classic Peanuts, with bright colors and clear lines, and parents will smile at the familiar faces as their children are introduced to them. Every page of this sturdy book also has a hole, through which a puppet of Snoopy, attached to the final page, can poke through and dance, kiss, or do whatever your little one wants him to do. The puppet itself is nothing fancy–a white blob with Snoopy’s face embroidered on it–but it’s sturdy enough to withstand vigorous play. The concept of this book may be simple, but kids will love it and want to read through it over and over again.

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