Sidereus Nuncius

Earth is the planet most favored by Yar, a being like a God and leader of the Collective, united planets and billions of beings under his care and rule. Quentin is a Vestigar, his job is to protect and advance the Way of Yar. Ethan Howard creates a collection of characters that are reminiscent of God, demons and angels, but are actually aliens that either wish to help or destroy Earth. Sidereus Nuncius has an interesting story line, but never really draws the reader into the world described and the characters never capture the imagination to the point of becoming real and likable.

“Your speech and mannerism is unlike anyone I have ever met. It’s like you fell out of the sky.”

Howard basically takes the Bible and rewrites it as an alien invasion and the same old good verses evil scenario. Howard leaves the story hanging at a point that should have been carried forward at this time and the feeling is that he wants to get the reader to continue purchasing books to finish something that should have come to a some kind of conclusion in this novel. This reader was never captivated enough to even wonder whether the next installment will be worth reading. An okay read for someone just looking for something new, but not really recommendable.