Shaun the Sheep: Blast to the Past

Shaun the Sheep is the leader of the flock on Mossy Bottom Farm, and Shaun is even more clever than the farmer. One day Shaun decided to make a car. He and the flock made the car, a race track, and then Shaun started rolling down the hill. One sheep and then another and then another piled on, until… blam! They had crashed into the wall! When they got up, they realized they were in the past! The farmer was young again, and didn’t know how to use the farming equipment the right way. Instead of a rooster, there was a chick. Then they had to teach the farmer how to do his job well, even though the farmer keeps on making strange kinds of food. Then they have to reconstruct the car, go down the hill, and crash again to try to get back to the present. But maybe everything wasn’t exactly like it seemed!

“Snapping on a pair of swim goggles and tying on a colander crash helmet, Shaun lowered himself into the driver’s seat and tied a rope seat belt across his lap. Checking the mirrors, he pulled a lever.”

This is a funny and fun book. After the story, there are some fun activities in the back of the book that you will like to do. You can learn to draw Shaun the Sheep and the Farmer, and it also tells you how you can make a Time Capsule. The pictures are really fun and exciting, and will make you laugh as you see the crazy things Shaun and the other sheep do. They always have the silliest adventures. This book is easy to read and you can read it pretty quickly. It is divided into chapters, and they are really short, and there are a lot of things that happen that are funny to read about. If you have never met Shaun the Sheep, you should read this book and find out how funny he is. If you already like Shaun and his friends, you will love this new adventure!