Shadow Magic

Shadow Magic by Joshua Khan is a fun fantasy adventure set in a beautifully imagined world that completely turns any preconceived notions of light and darkness upside down. When Thorn’s path as an accidental slave leads him to Castle Gloom, he meets Lily, the reluctant new ruler of Gehenna and only surviving daughter of the House Shadow line. Together they must find out who is bringing the dark magic of the undead into their midst and stop them before any more lives are lost, while also thwarting House Solar’s plans to take over her kingdom.

It wasn’t just Thorn that had unique skills.
I have unique skills, too, Mary. Skills you wouldn’t believe. It’s time I use them.
It’s time I spoke to the dead.

Thorne is immediately likable with his gutsy humor and determination to right his wrongs. Lily proves to be his match in feisty attitude and quick wit— their verbal sparring is wildly entertaining. She is also struggling to prove herself to doubters that she can rule, all while grieving for her family. The mystery keeps you constantly guessing with some unexpected twists and gasp-worthy surprises! Many emotional battles keep you close to the characters and the danger, magic, and macabre are sure to enchant. With great fast-paced storytelling, clever characters, and a few wonderful illustrations, this is certain to become a new favorite to many readers.