Seeking the Snow Leopard

Jon Miceler and his team go all around the Himalayan mountains in China and Mongolia, tracking the Snow Leopard to see if they can get some information about it. After a lot of searching, they finally find one. They shoot it with a tranquilizer gun so they can get some samples of its fur and see if it is healthy, which it is. Then they put it back in the wild in a safe place, so it can wake up and be safe, but they also put a collar on it so they can track it, so they can see where it goes.

“Morning reveals the face of a snow leopard. We stand and stare. Huge, yellow eyes aflame with fear and anger stare back at us. A silent snarl reveals sharp, white fangs.”

Seeking the Snow Leopard has awesome photographs. They are very realistic and the charts in the book show where the team had been and also where there had been snow leopard sightings. The story was really exciting. You felt like you were with the scientists as they were trying to find the snow leopard; every time they find out that something was in one of their traps, you wonder – will it be a snow leopard this time? You learn a lot about snow leopards and even about the Himalayas and about being on a scientific expedition, so there is a lot to read about that is all very interesting. This book shows you how exciting science can be!