Seekers: Burning Horizon 5

Lusa is a black bear. Lusa and the three other bears are returning to Great Bear Lake, which is the black bears’ home. They have been there before, in book 2 of the original Seekers series, and now it is time for them to find their home. They have been traveling for one sun circle, which is 12 moons, the bears’ way of counting one year. As they are headed to the Lake, Lusa is shot by a flat face – a human – and she is separated from the other bears. The quest for home is not easy.

 “I know it’s a long way,” Kallik said, hoping to reassure Lusa. “But there are islands all the way across where we can stop and rest. And I’ll help you,” she added. “We promised to get you to Great Bear Lake, and we will.”

Seekers: The Burning Horizon by Erin Hunter is book 5 of the Return to the Wild Series. It is the second series of books about the bears by the author of the Warrior Cats series. There is a lot of action, suspense, and some humor in this book. It is written from the point of view of a narrator. The writing is very descriptive and allows you to create pictures in your mind. You learn about survival and friendship.

It would be hard to just pick up this book and start the series here. You should probably read the earlier books first so you will understand more of what is going on and enjoy the book more. This book was not quite as good as the previous book in the series, but still enjoyable.