This book is about a boy named Spencer. One day his parents disappear. Spencer’s uncle takes him to Bearhaven, where Spencer comes closer to finding out where his parents went. Secrets of Bearhaven by K.E Rocha is a novel about the true meaning of friendship. In this story the bears act a lot like humans, so they are not very realistic. The town is not very realistic either. Spencer is a lot like other middle school kids so he can be a bit mean at times. Spencer is not very well developed at the beginning of the book but as it goes along, he gets more developed.

“Spencer Plain,” the bear growled, “we have been expecting you.”

This is the first book in the series so you do not have to worry about this not being the first book. In fact, even if you pick up the book and start reading it from the middle you can follow along. In the beginning of the book it is kind of hard to get the story, but as you go along it gets better.

This book would be good for kids ages 10-14.