This book, Search and Find Space, is super boring. You might think it will actually teach you something about space, but it doesn’t. All it does is have a bunch of pictures of aliens and made-up space robots and things the author, Joshua George, made up. So it is kind of funny to look for the little pictures of fuzzy alien teddy bear monsters or space spiders with three eyes, but each page is pretty much the same.

“Planet Yoobee is home to little green men who grow crops to make their favorite food — breakfast cereal! Can you find all the things listed below?”

Each page is a different scene that kind of has something to do with space, like the first page is about a control center for someone watching a space flight – but it doesn’t show anything real, like what a real control center would be like. There are other scenes like a loading bay, or a space walk – but they are not showing you what real space ships look like. Then there are other scenes that are just really silly, like an alien attack scene, or life on a super hot alien planet. There are a lot of scenes with aliens. It would be a lot better if this showed you some things that space was really like, instead of everything being made up. It gets boring just looking for silly aliens everywhere.