Heidi Stoddart’s Sea Glass Summer is story great for children who have to move from their home to somewhere else. Molly loves her home on the beach and spending time with her Gram. She is sad and scared when her parents tell her they’re moving far away.

“Molly Dreamed of ships and sails and mermaid tales.”

The story is very short, but easy to listen to. The little girl in the story likes to play pretend like me. In the story, she thinks about mermaids. I wish the book talked more about Molly making friends and enjoying the place she moved too. Military children would like this book, as they understand what it feels like to leave a place and people they love. It is okay to be sad with a move, but sometimes they are exciting. I think Molly should have been more excited about the move. The best part of the book is when Molly gets her wish.