One of Batman’s enemies is the villain Scarecrow. Scarecrow fits The Dark Knight with a fear helmet that slowly doses him with fear gas. Batman has to go along with Scarecrow’s plot because any attempt to remove the helmet will release the full dose of fear gas, which will kill him. Nightwing and Robin work to save Batman.

Batman: Scarecrow’s Panic Plot by Scott Beatty is a Comic Chapter Book. This means that it is primarily made up of words, but also contains 12 pages of graphic comic in each chapter. The book assumes that the reader is familiar with Batman and Robin, who they are, what they stand for, and how they get out of trouble. The book includes a glossary, a little quiz, additional sketches, and some information about the Scarecrow. The drawings are typical modern comic images with not too much detail in them, but just enough to give the reader an understanding of what is going on.

This book would be good for readers from about age 7 to those adults who still read and collect Batman comics. It doesn’t take very long to read, but offers an exciting distraction.