A book telling about the famous fairy tale character Little Red-Riding Hood may not seem very exciting, but this story is Red from a different perspective. Red is not scared of anything but magic. But when her granny falls ill, Red is forced to used magic.

“Invisible threads tugged at me, drawing me to the wolf, beckoning me to come closer.”

Red: The True Story of Red Riding Hood by Liesal Shurtliff is a recreation of the tale “Little Red-Riding Hood.’’ It has the same idea as the children’s tale, but the author added some other twists to the story. Red is still a female character but in this case a tough one. In the children’s tale you could kind of see that she was not a very brave character, but in this story she is very headstrong. She is also is very brave. In the book there are some events that happened in the tale, but the author added some more to the story. Red is pretty well developed but she could be even more developed. The author took a lot of time to take the basic tale and reimagine it and convert it into a new story that still has some of the familiar events in it.

This book would be good for kids ages 8-10.