A woman bragged that her child could make the best tortillas, tortillas that floated like clouds. The richest man in town came and said, ?Well if they really do, send your daughter to my home at once and she will make floating tortillas for me.? The daughter went to the richest man’s house, and she made tons of tortillas that were really thin, but none of them floated. Then a little man came out of the oven and said, ?They will float if you really want them to. It’s easy ? but what will you do for me if I teach you the magic words?? The girl agreed to do anything, so they worked all night making floating tortillas. The next morning the rich man came and ate all the tortillas, so he told the girl he could live in his house and just make tortillas. The girl was very happy, but then the little man came to take the girl away, but she didn’t want to leave the rich man’s house. So the little man told her she would not have to go if she could guess his name. Do you think she will be able to guess?

“‘Promenade and don’t be slow. What’s my name? I’ll bet you know. Shout the answer, loud and plain…'”

Rumplestiltskin is a fun book by Eric Kimmel that is exactly like the story of ?Rumplestiltskin,? only it takes place in a different place and it is about floating tortillas instead of straw being turned into gold. The story is fun to read and it’s fun to see how the story is the same as ?Rumplestiltskin? and how it is different. The pictures are really fun too because they are set in the desert a long time ago, maybe in Mexico. Rattlestiltskin looks really funny because he is dressed in rattlesnake skins. The characters say some Spanish words and then say the same thing in English so you get to learn some Spanish words while you read this book. There is also a recipe for tortillas at the end ? but they probably won’t float in the air!