The Quest to the Uncharted Lands

Stella Glass is a stowaway on the airship the “Iron Glory” on its trip to the uncharted lands of Solace. Her parents are on the ship, so Stella came along so she would know what happens to them. The mountains they have to cross are very dangerous and could literally destroy the ship, and Stella doesn’t want to be left parentless. On the first day of her voyage, she finds another stowaway, who has the power to make shields of glowing light. At first Stella is suspicious of him, but they soon become fast friends. However, together they discover that someone is trying to sabotage the ship, so they can’t reach their destination. Now there is much more than just mountains and ice storms that threaten the lives of those she loves.

“She recognized the heavy jowls and sideburns. It was the traitor. He’d risked coming out onto the deck during the deadly storm. And he was moving right toward the crow’s nest, his gaze fixed on Cyrus.”

The Quest to the Uncharted Lands is the third book in Jaleigh Johnson’s series “The Mark of the Dragonfly”. But it is a separate, completely standalone story, although it is set in the same world. So even if you haven’t read the others, you can enjoy this book. And you will! Because it’s a fast-paced adventure, with engaging characters who complement each others’ strengths and work well together to solve their problems. There is danger and suspense, as well as friendship and humor. The characters change in believable (and happy) ways – for example, Cyrus, the other stowaway, becomes much nicer as the story progresses. This is a very fun novel that tweens are sure to enjoy.