What happens when people have seen one too many zombie movies, and there are rumors of an illness very similar to the “zombie” plague spreading around? Q Island takes us there in a panic-filled story that takes place on Long Island. Russell James’ work is so vivid, you can feel yourself becoming attached to the characters that he has created for us. When the impossible happens, panic and fear can cause more damage than the things that people are running from.

“A half hour ago everything was normal.”

Q Island sheds a light on the darker side of human nature under extreme circumstances, and the lengths that people will go to, not only to protect each other, but to follow that primal drive of fear that spreads like the plague itself. Everybody is pushed to their limit, and like a branch, they will either bend, bouncing back, or break as the infrastructure falls around them. This book will appeal to veterans of zombie and horror stories alike, with James’ writing so vivid in some scenes that you may find the hair on your arms standing on end as you read page after page, not wanting to stop until you find out what happens on the next one.