Women, Leadership, and Saving the World: Why Everything Gets Better When Women Lead

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Belinda Clemmensen has issued a bold call to action among women to take their rightful place in the corporate leadership ranks through Women, Leadership, and Saving the World. The management coaching guru focuses on the ways that women change organizations for the better when they lean forward into their inclination to lead differently, with a feminist approach.

culture toward greater employee productivity and engagement. She focuses on the myriad challenges women experience in workplaces and ensuring diversity and inclusion strategies take gender into full account. Throughout the book, she shares personal stories of overcoming work-life challenges. The author incorporates the latest research to support arguments about pervasive gender disparities in pay, promotion, and leadership opportunities.

Workplaces continue to enhance their collective understanding of developing equity and inclusiveness. This book would make a great addition to an organization’s learning library or book club because it is punchy and a quick read for busy professionals. It is full of actionable advice for women who experience the push-and-pull of domestic and professional demands in the midst of ascending the leadership ladder. The ideas offered in the book are useful for decision-makers who are looking for tangible ways to improve workplace experiences for women.

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Belinda Clemmensen






June 2023

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