Two As One Forever: A Better You, A Better Marriage


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Two as One Forever: A Better You, A Better Marriage was penned from an authentic lived experience peppered with wisdom from author, counselor, mother, and wife Beverly Thomas. Not only does Thomas share her lived experiences in marriage, divorce, and remarriage via a Christian faith-based perspective that provides a basis for her life and philosophies on marriage. The guideposts presented by Thomas were created for maintaining a healthy marriage with support for overcoming arguments and obstacles that every marriage will encounter during most seasons of married life, with faith and self-help as the cornerstones for success.

Moreover, the book covers all aspects of the marriage journey from “I do” to creating a covenant and building a relationship with the goal of longevity, divulges the purpose of marriage from a faith-based perspective that views marriage as a spiritual, physical, legal, and mental commitment to self, spouse and God, which provided needed structure for the home and society at large. Thomas shared her marriage, divorce, and remarriage to the same spouse as a guidepost of relatability, which gave readers a glimpse into her commitment to God, devotion, and the institution of marriage.

Author Thomas’s honesty regarding marriage is refreshing as it is necessary for the age of modernity, which is at times slightly dismissing the institution of marriage as archaic. Two as One Forever: A Better You, A Better Marriage examined the history of matrimony, how those original union principles are still relevant, and the foundational supports for a functional life. Also, Thomas provided ample information regarding the importance of forgiveness in marriage to flourish as an individual and as a couple via chapters dedicated to active listening, creating trust, and focusing on the positive traits in each other and the marriage.

Thomas’s advice and experiences in managing the ups and downs of relationships and marriage are relatable in most relationships, and Thomas shared valuable guidance and emotional support for readers seeking help in navigating the inevitable challenges of aging, children, illness, and the unexpected issues that life presents without warning with grace and a list of helpful words to use and step-by-step guides to support the marriage, self, and spouse.

Indeed, a helpful book for people in new marriages or those that have been married for decades and require support to navigate the obstacles that appear in life. Also, a worthwhile read for those currently considering marriage as they will be provided with a fundamental view of matrimony.

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Beverly V Thomas






August 2023

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Christian Faith Publishing

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