The Rom Con


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Web journalist Cassidy Sutton is fed up with being a bridesmaid but never a bride. After a recent dating disappointment, she decides to test out age-old dating advice, inspired by tips from her ninety-year-old grandmother. She decides to try them out on Jack Bradford after meeting him at a work event. Jack is the owner of the men’s website, Brawler, which spotlights material that is the opposite of Cassidy’s employer Siren’s feminist-focused pieces. Jack comes across as a confident bro, yet Cassidy soon realizes he may be the real deal. Can she deliver an article that will entertain Siren’s readers while also taking a chance at falling in love?

The Rom Con was laugh-out-loud funny, and it’s a millennial’s dream with its numerous throwback mentions of early-2000s era TV shows and movies. It was tough not to root for Cassidy and Jack, since they seemed so right for each other. I loved Jack’s endearing charm throughout, except for a few moments toward the end of the novel that made me question everything. This book was fast-paced with excellent dialogue and hilarious characters. The New York City setting was fabulous and perfect for this romance! This was a fun one!

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Devon Daniels






December 2023

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Penguin Publishing Group

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368 pages