The Good Luck Cafe


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Moira Green, a 911 operator, has no complaints—she has friends, a social life, and a fulfilling career. Her only troubles in the small town of Somerset Lake are her too-frequent run-ins with former friend Gil Ryan, now the mayor, and parking (like everyone else in town). That is, until the town council decides to put in new parking… right on top of her mother’s beloved cafe! Moira and Gil’s past will bubble up again as they face one another across an election podium, as Moira does all she can to save her mother’s business.

With a friends to enemies to lovers plot, The Good Luck Café by Annie Rains is as sweet as any of Moira’s mother’s tasty cafe treats. The small town is wholesome, the problems are solvable, and the romance is as hot as a summer evening. An extremely heartfelt novel, the prose is well done, but may prove too rich for some readers. Gil’s brother is one of the most likeable characters, but every character (aside from Felix!) is someone to cheer on. This novel is a sweet, feel-good distraction.

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Annie Rains






January 2024

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352 pages

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Grand Central Publishing

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