The Garden Witch


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Up high on a hill at the edge of a cliff lived a witch who had a great garden. Her flowers were gigantic, towering over her house. She used the plants to make all kinds of potions, which she took to town to try to sell, but her booth was shabby and dirty, so no one would stop and buy anything.

The witch was lonely. She had no one in her life and no one to talk to except for three mean rats who lived in her house. They made her cook and do laundry for them, threatening to eat her in her sleep if she didn’t do their bidding. One day, she cried about how lonely and sad she was while in her garden. The garden decided it must do something for her.

Author and illustrator Kyle Beaudette has a wicked sense of humor on display in this quirky picture book. The story is unexpected and a lot of fun. The writing is also quirky, with a lot of almost rhymes and a meter that isn’t very metrical, but that seems to add to the sense of silliness throughout. Kids will like this one.

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Kyle Beaudette






January 2024

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32 pages

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