The Fate Of The World Revealed: Be Ready


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In The Fate Of The World Revealed: Be Ready, author Glenna Hartzog takes readers on a deep dive into the book of Revelation and other scriptures. In total, it is a compelling, biblically-based argument for why the rapture will likely be post-tribulation, and some conjecture as to how we might be seeing the beginnings of the end times.

Glenna Hartzog writes with an open heart and does not profess to be an expert, but rather gives the impression that she is an avid and ever-learning student of God’s word. Though she makes her points, she remains humble about what she does not know. Throughout the book, she uses a helpful chart to show visually how many scriptures line up with pre-tribulation teaching versus post-tribulation teaching. She also takes the time to break explain numerous verses in Revelation, breaking down each one. This approach helps enhances the reader’s understanding and aids in the interpretation of these oftentimes complex biblical passages.

To read the work of a female author on this specific subject is really refreshing, as unfortunately, it is quite rare to come across works written by female eschatologists and theologians. It is important to note that, like in many narrowly focused theological or eschatological books, authors cannot take the time to give readers a rounded introduction to Christianity. Glenna Hartzog still makes an effort to provide a small intro, but still, for anyone who might not be familiar with what the Bible says about the end times, the book’s contents might be tough to wrap their head around. The work could also be a bit stronger and better appreciated if a thorough list of sources were made available. This would have further enhanced the book’s credibility and allowed readers to explore the topic in greater depth. Though, understandably, providing detailed sources is a painstaking task enviable to no one, and Glenna Hartzog has still done well on the whole.

Overall, The Fate Of The World Revealed: Be Ready offers a thought-provoking exploration of the book of Revelation and related biblical scriptures concerning post- and pre-tribulation perspectives. Glenna Hartzog’s modest approach, coupled with her use of visual aids and careful, tedious verse analysis, contributes to the book’s appeal. And it is a great resource for anyone curious about the pre- or post-tribulation rapture, anyone curious about the rapture in general, and especially for anyone interested in knowing if the end times are near.

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