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Author: Irwin Gould
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The Book of Irwin Gould is the motivating autobiography of Irwin David Gould, Jr. in which he chronicles his life from being just a boy growing up on an island to a young man living in New York and going on acting auditions. I love that this book is written so that just about anyone can understand it. The book starts off describing Irwin’s early life growing up on the island of St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands. As the oldest child in a family of six children, Irwin attended church with his family and was raised under God’s word. He talks about how his life is still guided by his Christian principles that have carried him and uplifted him even through the hardest times.

One thing I loved when reading this book is how Irwin always showed gratitude for everything in his life. His demeanor came across as someone who worked very hard and was always recognizing the good side of people and the things that happened around him. His work ethic came from his upbringing and he entered the workforce at a very young age.

When Irwin left home, he was only sixteen years old. Even though he came back to live with his family for a while after a devastating storm called Hurricane Hugo hit the Caribbean Islands, he ended up going to live with his grandmother in New York. His relationship with his grandmother was sweet and wholesome and he deeply cared for her. He credits his grandmother, Rosetta Maxwell, for contributing to the success he has today. Irwin’s grandmother supported him like no other.

The second part of the book is about Irwin diving into the modeling and then, acting, scene. Although he had never gone to school for acting, Irwin was a quick learner and would remember all the tips people gave him along the way. The book talks about all of the auditions Irwin went on and his perseverance which would lead him to obtain roles in blockbuster movies such as Bad Boys II, Transporter II, Miami Vice, and various tv commercials. He talks about meeting Will Smith and it being a very memorable experience.

With themes of love, perseverance, hard work, self-motivation, and daily gratitude, The Book of Irwin Gould is a wonderful pick-me-up that will have readers enjoying the book from cover to cover. Poignant and beautifully written, all ages will benefit from the life lessons Irwin gives in his book.

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February 2024



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