Swamp Story: A Novel


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Author: Dave Barry
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
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There seem to be a lot of people with get-rich-quick schemes. With today’s social media sites, there are a growing number of new TikTokers and YouTubers. Everyone has a gimmick. But when you add wannabe reality TV stars, treasure hunters, drug dealers, mobsters, and a presidential candidate and stick them in a swamp, things get relatively chaotic. Now throw everyone into the Everglades in Florida, add an emotional support boar, and you get Swamp Story.

Swamp Story is a bizarre new comedy from best-selling author Dave Barry. His laugh-out-loud tale is a real page-turner. This story has a bit of everything, from internet monster conspiracy stories to shirtless hunks to influencers. Barry explores the absurdity of the use of social media in the most outrageous way possible.

To say this book is wildly funny would be an understatement. Hitting on many “Florida Man” stereotypes, Barry’s characters range from mildly idiotic to full-blown ridiculous. Add in an outrageous plot, and you have a Dave Barry classic. This is a difficult book to put down. If you enjoy Carl Hiaasen’s far-out tales about life in Florida, you will love Swamp Story.

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Dave Barry






January 2024

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320 pages

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Simon & Schuster

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