Sleepless City: A Nick Ryan Novel



Nick Ryan is an instinctual NYPD Detective who believes in righteous justice. However, he carries the burden of his father’s testimony against fellow officers and a former partner’s suicide. The partner had gone outside the margins in attempting to prove a serial killer’s guilt and lost his badge. Ryan decides to mete out retribution to the serial killer when he is interrupted by an unknown third party. Nick is introduced to an influential but shadowy man known as “Joe,” who offers Nick an opportunity to ascend the ranks of the NYPD while acting as a troubleshooter. Hesitant at first, Nick decides the benefits outweigh the risks in taking this opportunity.

An officer-involved shooting provides the first chance for Nick to prove his worth. The officer involved is the son of NYPD brass, and the circumstances behind the shooting could trigger riots. Nick’s spin on this tragedy could prove nearly disastrous.

Sleepless City is the latest explosive crime thriller from novelist Reed Farrel Coleman (“Fallout”). Nick Ryan is a captivating protagonist from the outset, intent on adhering to his own rules while inhabiting an increasingly fraught city. Coleman’s plot pacing is exemplary, the dialogue is sharp, and the conclusion is rewarding.

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Book Author

Reed Farrel Coleman






July 2023

Page Count

321 pages

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Blackstone Publishing

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