Raven’s Way


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A certified killer is on the loose in the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia Police Captain Nathan Ganz views the ghastly aftermath of a vicious attack that felled a hunter and his dog. He doesn’t know what type of beast could commit such horror upon fellow living beings.

Johnny Raven is all too acquainted with this type of bloodletting. Johnny has been recovering from the dual loss of his wife Samantha and their unborn child. Johnny is a Weregun, a shapeshifter that can transform from man to wolf when the need arises. The killer he’s tracking is responsible for the macabre occurrences in Philadelphia and Johnny must catch him before he flees to his next destination.

Katherine Morello is a Detective in the Philadelphia Police Department investigating a rash of killings with unparalleled savagery when she notices the ethereal presence of Johnny Raven. She questions his interest in the recent attacks and grants him limited access to the investigation due to his knowledge of the possible perpetrator.

Quentin Sanders is a dichotomy of human behavior. An attack by a wolf over a century ago has rendered him a callous man during the day, only satiated by his lust. By nightfall, he is a remorseless night stalker wreaking havoc on any humans he encounters. Whereas Johnny and the various packs tend to adhere to a code when stalking prey, Quentin is a rogue beast with no scruples. Quentin’s hunger will lead to the streets of Philadelphia being bathed in rivers of blood.

As day turns to night and the full moon appears, the attacks continue and the body count rises. Raven and Morello must investigate assaults at different points in the city, searching for clues that could lead to Quentin’s apprehension.

Raven’s Way grips the attention of the audience with its bloody, panic-driven start where the hunters become the hunted. Author Kerry Marzock brings the fright early and often in this steady-paced novel but doesn’t solely rely on gore to guide the plot. Johnny Raven is a man tormented by his losses and obsessed with revenge. He is unswerving in his mission until he meets Morello. Katherine Morello is determined to stop a remorseless killer that has left her city on edge. She is the perfect counterpart for Johnny as she refuses to let him get too far out of hand. Their budding chemistry brings a sensual element to this book that further intensifies the plot. Kerry Marzock (The Reptilian Factor, 2022) has written a book that is nonstop chills and thrills.

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Kerry L. Marzock






October 2023

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420 pages

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