Queen Among the Dead


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Neve is the second-born daughter of the Dagda, destined to marry for peace. If only her wild side can be tamed. Ronan is a thief, kicked out of the druid’s order, he’s spent years stealing and selling magical objects. Nave and Ronan are as different as day and night and come from two different worlds. Yet, their fates are interwoven in ways they can’t imagine or run from. With magic, questions, and trickery around every corner, only time will tell if they can save their country and people or destroy them.

Based on Celtic legends, Queen Among the Dead is full of legends and lore that is not often explored in young adult literature. I found myself confused most of the time. I couldn’t remember who was who most of the time, especially when it came to the different races and the gods. There also were places where all of a sudden there was information that I was supposed to know, but don’t remember being mentioned and every plot twist was sudden and left me spinning, not in a good way. One moment someone has these motives, then the next they’re different, then the next they were the original motives. The romance is almost a love triangle, or it should be if more than one of them showed their feelings.

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Lesley Livingston






January 2024

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416 pages



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