Princess Private Eye


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Author: Evelyn Skye
Publisher: Disney-Hyperion
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Gen is a scrappy New York orphan who uses Good Detective Traits to track down a couple of toy thieves who stole from kids on the playground. During the mission, Gen notices a couple who seem to be following her. She hides behind a hot dog vendor and surprises them, scaring them off. When she finds a piece of her history hidden in her baby blanket, she learns she is the heir of the throne of Raldonia and should return to take her place. However, she is barely in her new home when she finds a new mystery to solve: the Curse of Tainted Throne. She’ll need all her detective traits to solve the mystery if she wants to become princess.

This is similar to The Princess Diaries, except that the focus is not on the existential crisis of learning that she is not who she thinks she is but instead focuses on the curse surrounding her coronation as princess. Gen is plucky and honest and fun, using her skills she learned as an orphan in the New York foster system to help her new country. This should be a series, but unfortunately it is not. Maybe Evelyn Skye will reconsider?

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Evelyn Skye






August 2023

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320 pages



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