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Ruperto Punsalan’s Our Report presents a new Christian theology and reveals the link between computations of host numbers and information from the Bible. As it explores a concept named Number Fusion, the book interprets the Bible and proves that the United States is proof of God’s promises. It also touches on theological concepts, divisions in Christianity, and some important prophecies in the Bible. You will get to see Ruperto’s comprehensive interpretation of Revelation 13:18 and the significance of calculating the number of the beast (666).

Besides the analysis of biblical concepts, Ruperto explores personal experiences, such as the difficulties he faced while immigrating to the USA, family separation, and his struggles with smoking. Find yourself a calculator and prepare to fuse “a set of numbers into a single digit” to make sense of some complex biblical concepts in the book.

I found the author’s thoroughness and attention to detail quite impressive. His sophisticated analyses include scientific observations, numeric figures from the Bible, and US historical data. Since I studied economics and I love numbers, I found it fascinating to see that several numbers in US history share some similarities, such as the addition of the numbers of the 56 Founding Fathers and July Four (7 and 4) both making 11. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the book contains many similar numeric observations.

Punsalan’s tone is conversational and communicative enough to keep the reader engaged in the parts dedicated to essays about his personal life, the history of the US, and biblical messages. This conversational tone is evident when he questions theological concepts with such statements as, “Now, do you know the values of this old, ancient praying hand?”

The book’s stance on the Bible and its bold new approach to decoding the scriptures might feel outlandish to a good portion of the audience. I felt the volume of pages dedicated to numbers may serve its intended purpose with fewer pages. Furthermore, the book includes a complex mix of personal experiences, historical analyses, theological discussions, and other themes that might further confuse the reader.

This book is recommended to numerology enthusiasts and seekers of the hidden truths in the Bible. However, readers who don’t like numbers or calculations might find it quite complex. Still, its exploration of US history, the Bible, and the author’s personal life presents an enlightening, mentally stimulating experience. And since it is rife with scriptures and biblical prophecies, Our Report offers a chance to connect with the word of God and stick to a path of righteousness, especially for readers who like numbers and fancy seeing the scriptures from a new light.

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Ruperto Punsalan




January 2024



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312 pages

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