Moth in a Fancy Cardigan


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Gary is a gray moth. That means that everything that’s expected of him is to be gray. Gray clothes, gray home, gray cardigan. But Gary likes color. He wants to be like the butterflies, wearing every color of the rainbow. But his parents don’t want him to. Who ever heard of a gray moth that isn’t gray?

Florence is a butterfly, but she isn’t like her friends. She doesn’t like her colorful cardigan. She prefers gray. Gray has so many possibilities; gray can be anything you want it to be. But her parents want her to shine like the other butterflies. Only her grandmother understands her.

Then Gary sees an opportunity and takes Florence’s bright, colorful cardigan that holds the gift Florence made for her Grandmother. The cardigan makes Gary feel like himself. But Florence wants her gift back. Will she find Gary, and if she does, what will happen?

This is a fun, easy-to-read story. I like that the message of the story is that you should be yourself even when everybody around you doesn’t want you to be. It was predictable, but I liked how I got to see the point of view from both Gary and Florence. I thought it was cool that the story takes place in a world of insects, but still felt like the situation could happen in real life. The drawings were cute and funny, and I liked how the cardigan stood out.

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Charlotte Lance, David Booth





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136 pages

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August 2023


Berbay Publishing

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