Maeve Fly


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Author: CJ Leede
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Making the rounds in all the best dive bars, the kind with teeth in pretty little jars on the counters and neon reflections of up-and-coming stars in their dirty gutters, Maeve Fly uses her nights to try on the identities of her favorite literary misanthropes to keep her own darker instincts at bay. To the untrained eye, Maeve has it all: the big house in an old-money Hollywood neighborhood, a best friend who doesn’t mind her darker idiosyncrasies, and a dream job as the ice princess in the happiest place on Earth. Until she doesn’t.

Her grandmother, a famous cult movie actress and the only person who ever understood her true nature, is dying; her best friend is moving on to bigger and better things without her; and her dream job is about to turn into a nightmare. Add to that her friend’s annoyingly charming older brother and a new predator in town leaving eerie sculptures in her favorite haunts and Maeve is about to drop the few tenuous threads of human decency keeping her from unleashing the monster within.

Bloody, unnerving, and delightfully wicked, C.J. Leede delivers your new favorite serial killer next door.

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CJ Leede





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288 pages


January 2024

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Tor Publishing Group

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