Lying Beside You (3) (Cyrus Haven Series)


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Michael Robotham’s Lying Beside You is a fantastic psychological thriller that is narrated from the points-of-view of the two main characters, Cyrus and Evie. Although this is not the first book in the series starring these two characters, the story is easy to follow and the relationship between the two characters is expressed well in both characters’ narratives. Elias, Cyrus’ brother who has been in prison is being released. And although Cyrus doesn’t outwardly admit it, he is leery of having his brother come home after killing their whole family twenty years ago. Meanwhile, Cyrus, a forensic psychologist, gets called in to do his job when an elderly man is found dead in his home. His adult daughter is missing.

Robotham does an amazing job of connecting the dots one by one for his readers. Evie gets a job in a bar and on her first night helps a women who is sick in the ladies get into a car to take her home. The woman goes missing after that. Cyrus also meets a parolee named Mitch who he hires and lets live with him and Evie. All of the characters connect in some way shape or form in the end. This is an extremely satisfying read that will keep readers intrigued from cover to cover.

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Michael Robotham






January 2024

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