Living Consciously in a “Zombie” Apocalypse : The Kingdom of Heaven Is in You


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Flora Bell Smith’s Living Consciously in a “Zombie” Apocalypse offers an interesting approach to evaluating one’s life choices to achieve clarity of purpose. Bell is to be commended for using an eye-catching title to describe the living dead who lack awareness and direction, mindlessly pursuing desires and stumbling into challenges. Bell shares several principles loosely tied to spiritual beliefs to explain energy, archetypes, and natural laws. She encourages readers to use esoteric tools to understand the nature of the human experience. The author offers sound advice to follow the path to consciousness and lead a meaningful life.

The author offers a content warning about using discernment while taking in the book’s lessons. Smith draws from different philosophies and belief systems but does not explicitly cite what they are. The advance reader copy I reviewed could use some work with the design. It still needed a cover. The illustrations are attractive, but the author needs captions or source credit. At times, the book reads like writings in a personal journal or a blog. While one can follow the author’s flow of thought, the book can benefit from dutiful editing and organization.

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Flora Bell SMith






January 2024

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