Generation Ship: A Novel


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Publisher: HarperCollins
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A ship heading out to a distant star in a last desperate bid to save a portion of humanity. Traveling for generations, the social order that kept the crew together is fraying as the journey is coming to an end. The planet chosen might not want humanity and the AI running the ship might have its own designs on the people on the ship. Different factions will face off, change sides and make an ultimate choice on whether humanity deserves a chance in a new home.

This book felt too long and would have worked better if it was shorter. One major issue is the reader jumps right into the major issue without getting really any details into the major characters, motivations, or why this even all matters. Information is dropped from time to time, but what starts off with a bang goes into a slog of a Game of Thrones level of characters changing sides, betrayals, and is anyone thinking about the larger picture. Maybe if the entire length was toned down a bit to keep readers going. Interesting idea, average execution of it.

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Michael Mammay






December 2023

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608 pages

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