Famous Finds and Finders: Searching for the Past


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Here is a chance to look at the panorama of archeology and paleontology without the need to switch back and forth as computer searches demand. Delving back thousands of years, both finds and finders are brought to almost the present day, The forty discoveries are gathered from around the world. Some, perhaps, are remembered from school days like Tutankhamun, the Venus de Milo, and Babylon, while others are less familiar such as Otzi, Miss Ardi and the Chinchorro Mummies.

It is a whole lot easier, calmer, and pleasanter to relax and enjoy this large hardbound book. Some of the finders whom the author introduces labored for years, convinced that an important discovery lay below the surface. But naively, children were the first to discover two of the most exciting finds, the cave-paintings in Altamira, and the unsuspected Dead Sea Scrolls retrieved by Qumran goatherds.

The book’s presentation is inviting. Each double spread is well-illustrated and describes the salient features of these recollections from the past. The subjects mingle mythology and fact, from the discoveries dating back to pre-history to ships sunk below the waves, and the World War fighting bombers. This is a treasure trove begging appreciation and pleasure.

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Tom Velcovsky, Adam Wolf, Stepanka Sekaninova






December 2023

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88 pages

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Albatross Media

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