Episode Thirteen


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A skeptic, a true believer, an actress trying to make her way to better gigs, and two crewmen make up the ghost-hunting show Fade to Black. Within the universe of the book, it’s a well-received show, largely because of the inclusion of the skeptic, Claire Kirklin, who urges the rest to examine ghosts scientifically. Even as their first season draws to a close, though, cracks are beginning to show. Claire and Jess, the actress, are both dissatisfied for their own personal reasons. DiLouie does an excellent job of building up tension even before the crew arrives at the old headquarters of the Paranormal Research Foundation for the filming of their thirteenth episode.

And what a house that headquarters is. From the start, we learn that the house isn’t just haunted. It’s somehow deeply wrong.

Episode Thirteen had me hooked from the ghost story at the beginning. From there, it was chilling, engaging, and at times very funny. The five characters make up a delightful ensemble and mesh together perfectly. Altogether, it was a wonderful read and probably the spookiest thing I’ve read so far this year.

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Craig DiLouie






January 2024

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464 pages

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