Cassandra in Reverse: A Reese’s Book Club Pick


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Author: Holly Smale
Publisher: MIRA Books
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I loved reading the fun novel The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion, which was labeled as a smart love story. So it was with great anticipation that I learned the cover blurb for Cassandra in Reverse was written by Simsion. I assumed the new book could not miss. Never make assumptions.

Oh, the new novel started out just fine, and it also happened to be a story about a uniquely quirky individual looking for love. In this instance, the protagonist happens to find it hard to relate to most other humans but is aided by a special talent: the ability to time travel. Need I mention that I’m usually drawn to time-travel stories?

The tone of Cassandra is initially light and fun. But once I approached the halfway point of the read, I realized the story was bogging down. Especially because Cassandra is never satisfied with going back in time once to correct an earlier error in interacting with her boyfriend. No, she repeatedly returns back to the past.

I dreadingly trudged along to the end, page 360. The Rosie Project was completed in 295 pages. Let’s hope that Smale’s next work draws a strong editor.

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Holly Smale




August 2023



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