A Flash In Time


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Author: John N Frye
Publisher: ReadersMagnet LLC
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The scientists at ER Mag Labs are committed to seeing their new project through to completion, despite several setbacks in the past. They had developed an expensive, very technologically advanced, and revolutionary antenna. Strange events start happening in an attempt to get it to function. Bart and the other police officers are made aware of these things. There were abrupt disappearances, most notably of an oak tree that vanished without a trace and the disappearance of two teenagers.

Later, it was claimed that objects and individuals had been sliced in half. The scientists are told to cease operations right away by the security staff. However, the antenna has evolved into an uncontrollably destructive electrical energy absorber. The worst part is that more disappearances occur as it recharges. But it turned out that these individuals had been transported to a whole different location and were being attacked by an odd group of extraterrestrials. The race to stop the electrical force and save the victims begins.

The tale centers on the iconic police team of Jaylee and Bart, who have different personalities and physical characteristics. The 6’6″ solid Black Jaylee stands in stark contrast to the older, white detective Bart, who is almost retirement age. A Master Sergeant in the Army challenges Bart’s early racial preconceptions, causing a profound change in his perspective. Because Bart saved Jaylee from a life of crime, the two of them establish an unbreakable bond that highlights the book’s themes of friendship and atonement.

The protagonists fight with existential anxieties, deal with personal setbacks, and deal with the impending catastrophe of events linked to the Sandia mountain range. The author skillfully crafts a narrative that delves into the themes of racial biases, personal development, and the perseverance of people overcoming adversity. With a dynamic backdrop that combines urban crime and nature scenery, the novel presents a realistic portrait of characters moving beyond cliches. Although there was a lot of scientific jargon in the book, which could dull readers, it still had potential. I became weary of studying unrealistic equipment and seeing a lot of numbers. Although fans of science fiction might find it fascinating.

It was also difficult to keep up with the abrupt introduction of too many characters, in my opinion. Additionally, the author frequently strayed from the plot at the beginning of the book by describing unimportant details. However, all in all, A Flash in Time by John N. Frye was an intriguing science fiction novel.

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John N Frye






February 2024

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366 pages


ReadersMagnet LLC

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