A Bird Day


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Publisher: Gecko Press
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Lena and her brother, Bo, are playing chicken with the cars going by. They stand by the road pretending to look for something, and when the car gets close, they fly away. It’s dangerous, and their parents tell them to find other things to do, then tell them to wash their beaks to get ready to eat.

Mama is serving flies again, and Papa complains about it. Mama tells him he should do the cooking and they bicker. After eating, they all go outside and spend some time in a tree, singing and playing the fainting game. The family hunts for mosquitos and worms. When a storm comes, they have to go home.

Author and illustrator Eva Lindström has written a story of a typical day in the life of a family but this family is populated by birds, putting everything young readers might take for granted in a new and very amusing light. The idea of playing car chicken at the opening was jarring, to say the least. It seems Lindström could have found another game for the kids to play, but that is a small nit to pick with this clever, funny book.

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Eva Lindström






September 2023

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32 pages

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Gecko Press

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